Winter Swap 2013 – Ideas

Swappers Diptic

Hi Swappers! How are we all doing? Are we all getting our stalk on the inaugural Winter Swap 2013? I hope you’ve seen who you partner is. And now perhaps you’re seeing what your partner is into? Thinking yes, I can totally see my winter swap partner in that Vintage Vogue pattern that I bought on Etsy but *know* that I will never sew.  Or maybe you’re like Let’s be honest, I loved that fabric when I bought it, but can I really pull off fuschia?? Or maybe you’re out-doing the rest of us and you’ve decided to make something for your partner?

What great swap ideas do you have?

16 thoughts on “Winter Swap 2013 – Ideas”

  1. I should say I can’t post a picture of my package to my partner – but actually I forgot to take a picture before I posted it. Can’t wait to see what everyone does with the swap stuff.


  2. I sent my swap parcel off and the day after my parcel arrived in the mail! Are we meant to do a post to show everyone what we got?


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