Winter Swap – Partners Announced!

Winter Swap Button

Alrighty let’s get the inaugural Winter Swap 2013 underway!! So without further ado here are your partners:

Modern Vintage Cupcakes – with – Every Stitch
Sew Love Tea Do – with – Zoe
Juanita Tortilla – with – Jellyfish Crafts
Sewing for Me – with – Curls n Skirls
Beth Butcher Designs – with – Thimble & Threads
Disaster in a Dress – with – My Craft House
Tropical Threads – with – My Hand-Made Home Life
Marguerite Designs – with – Mrs Hughes
Sewist Stitch – with – Adventures of a Girl from the Naki
Dresses & Me – with – Crazy Gypsy Chronicals – with – Flossie FT 

(Sorry team – I really wanted to join in but we had an uneven number of swappers so I had to put myself in a group of three – we’re all intellegent ladies so I’m sure we can work it out between us!)

So what now? Get your stalk on! Find out what your partner is into and start thinking about what you might like to send them. Are they into vintage patterns or do they prefer modern indie designs? Do they like to wear brightly coloured fabrics or are they more of a ‘black wardrobe’ sort of gal? What have they sewn previously and what great treasures does your stash have to offer for new garments?

This is the perfect opportunity to pass on those great notions, fabrics, patterns, fasteners, trims and embellishments that you LOVED at the time of purchase and have been sitting their waiting to be used. So go on – pass them on and give them a nice, warm home where they’ll be loved!

Reminder: Parcels must be sent by Sunday 4th August – that’s three weekends to get organised – heaps of time, right?! I’d love to see what you send so let me know when you post about your parcel!

So swappers – what are you sending? Any clues?

16 thoughts on “Winter Swap – Partners Announced!”

  1. Hi Penny :0) my partner has not contacted me as of yet. In fact, she really hasn’t posted since June 30 :0( I have left her another comment, since I can not find her email address to send her a quick note. I’ll keep you posted. If she doesn’t contact me soon, then maybe I could have one of the group of three? m.


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