WIP Wednesday

Just a quick note to say that my Minoru is coming along nicely. You can follow the progress on my my twitter or Instagram feed under the hashtag #minoru2013. In the meantime let me catch you up on my progress so far. (Disclaimer: I don’t usually do WIP updates but this is the first jacket I’ve made so let’s get amongst it.)

I cut my pattern. Hood needed to be cut on the bias as I had, typically, not bought enough fabric.


Put the zipper in the hood (was quite the drama due to accidentally buying stretchy fabric!!


Ripped out stitching and overlocking after realising that I’d done it wrong!


Pulled in the gathers on my shoulders and attached them to the body of the jacket


I sewed my plackets on


I put the front zipper in – unfortunately I could the closest zipper colour I could find was cream *sigh*


And I put the elastic in my cuffs


So now all I have to do is sew together and insert the lining! Woohoo I’m in the home straight! Have you made the Minoru Jacket before?


12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday”

  1. I actually think the cream colored zipper will be an inspired choice once the whole jacket is done. 🙂 I think your jacket is going to be fabulous, can’t wait to see it once it’s finished!


  2. Your colour is so inspiring. I’ve made two Minuro, my first I wear all the time, my second not so much but I think it’s the fabric/colour combination. It’s a great pattern and jacket. Love the ‘WIP Wednesday’ title 🙂


  3. Oh I love the colour too and you won’t notice the cream coloured zip when its all in there.

    I’d love to make this one day but there are so many patterns that tug my heart strings and so little time. Therefore I will live vicariously through you for now. Hope that’s not creepy lol!


  4. The colour is so bright and sunny it makes me smile! Looks like you are racing through it and it looks like the tricky parts are over now. I have this pattern in my stash too…actually I have a lot of coat/jacket patterns in my stash…Preparedness level: Wellingtonian! Haha 😀


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