Winter Swap

Changes are afoot. But before they happen I’d like to organise one last meet up, but as time is running short this will be an internet meet up. YES I’M TALKING ABOUT THE INAUGURAL WINTER SWAP 2013… unless someone has done this in winter previously… then disregard the “inaugural” part.

Winter Swap Button

So you’re wondering what a Sewing Swap is then?Β A great opportunity to swap sewing related items and get to know another sewing enthusiast.

But how does it work?Β I will match you with another sewing enthusiast and you will swap sewing patterns (printed and PDFs), fabric, notions, trims and other sewing paraphernalia! Sound great already, right? I’m putting a cap on spending so taking part doesn’t become a ‘mare at a maximum of NZ$30 (not including postage). Get creative and feel free to include all sorts of sewing items! Items don’t have to be new either – vintage and retro are awesome! Be generous – as a guideline, try to find 3ish items (or more) that you think your pair would like.

Can I take part? Yes! (but) it’s important that you have a blog so that your partner can see what you’re interested in and so you can post about the wonderful things she sent you. Just leave a comment on this post saying you’re interested and including your email address – VERY IMPORTANT. It’s also good if you say which country your living in so I can endeavor to match you with someone who lives close by. I can’t promise anything, but I can try. Everyone is welcome to get involved – you just need to be keen on sewing, have a blog and be willing to actually put your parcel in the post box.

So how much time do I have to get organised?Β Sign ups are now open! Just comment below. I will make matches next week and you will be expected to put your items in the post by the end of July.

PS. In case you were wondering what the changes were: I decided somewhat on a whim last week that I would be doing my OE (overseas experience, for those not familiar with NZ slang). So I am heading to London at the beginning of August and yes I have already bought my plane tickets. Also I’m doing a Contiki. I know – this is very unlike me. I like to think I’m quite a moderate sort of person who is pretty contented with how things are and will be. The truth is that I’m underemployed in a precarious job and need a change (never work for a charity!!)


68 thoughts on “Winter Swap”

  1. Point of interest …. if you are still in London a must for fabrics (empty your suitcase) Walthamstow market on Saturdays and Goldhawk Road in Shepherds Bush. Both are crammed with fabric shops and haberdashery at great prices!


  2. I am very excited you’re coming to the UK! If you’re here early enough, you can come to a meet-up on the 3rd of August, otherwise, we’ll have to fix a time to meet! Are you bringing your machine? You can always email me on theainsewingland (at)…


    1. I’m *just* going to miss out on the meet up which I’m super sad about – it would be so great to meet people over there! I’m can imagine I’ll be missing sewing when I get there so you may just get an email from me!


      1. I think I won’t swap as I’ve enough stuff to get on with to last years lol. Oh and it would require serious tidy-up of sewing stuff….. which I’m steadfastly trying to avoid doing for the moment!


  3. Totally up for this! I’m in the UK (so summer for me but I’m willing to pretend its winter esp for a sewing swap!!) and up for posting worldwide! My email is hazel.berryman (at)


  4. wow I’ve never done a swap. This sounds fun! I blog about sewing at and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I know finding another English speaking seamstress close by will be a challenge, and if someone wants to pair with me it will include international shipping. If no one does, that’s okay too. I understand.


  5. I have always enjoyed a swap. So far, I have sewn for Australia and Spain :0). I am Maria at rivermama5atgmaildotcom. I blog here I live in the mountains of PA, but sending post is not an issue. How exciting! We are currently in a heat wave, so a Winter Swap is perfect to keep the heat away… :0) m.


  6. Count me in! Live in U.S. but would love to swap internationally, if there’s a like-minded person! Blog: curlsnskirts dot wordpress dot com, email: curlsnskirls at good ol yahoo (you know the form!).
    Great idea! My first swap! Yeah!


  7. Hello and nice to meet you! I’m in the US (California) and would love to take part! My email is: tmphughes (at) gmail (dot) com and my blog is:

    I’m willing to post anywhere in the world! πŸ™‚


  8. Yes, yes, me me me. Put me in for the swap (you have my email)
    Sorry to hear you’re leaving NZ, who will organise our meet ups 😦
    (I guess the rest of us will have to get ourselves organised without you)


  9. Hello! Just commenting to see if you’ll be in London on August 3rd as there is a sewing meet up going on! Claire of is hosting. A way to get familiar with London fabric shopping and meet some uk bloggers! Don’t worry if you’re not able to attend. We meet pretty regularly πŸ™‚


  10. YES!!! I’m excited just thinking about it — it’s summer up here, and I’m looking forward to winter already πŸ˜€

    *Juanita (at) juanitatortilla dot com
    * New Jersey, USA


  11. I’m keen – this will be my very first swap, very exciting! Email addy s.julian at xtra dot co dot nz which is the dead give away at I live in NZ πŸ™‚


  12. I’m interested! Living in New Zealand, and while I don’t mind sending things far away, it would be nice if my other half felt the same way – give and take, if you know what I mean? My email address is julietsews (at) gmail dot com


  13. All the best for your OE! I’m sure it will be amazing, I guess I will have to buy up all the patterns from dresses & me pattern shop whilst I can. Also I am TOTALLY in for the winter swap!!


      1. Hurrah!! I do love having a kiwi indie pattern shop πŸ˜€ Now all I need to do is MAKE some of the patterns I buy;)


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