Absolute Devastation

I AM NOT BEING DRAMATIC AM I? I got home from work last week to find that my favourite, first work shirt that I ever made was torn up the back.


Not only was this just a tad embarrassing (I didn’t hear any ripping so it’s likely that I’ve been worn this skirt more than once with it’s rip before realising!) but it’s doubly devastating because I made it. I’m pretty sure it’s non-repairable because the rip goes through the middle of the centre back piece. Unless you have any advice?

Have you ever ruined something that you made? Was it repairable?


25 thoughts on “Absolute Devastation”

  1. Oh pooh. I really hope you do find a way to ‘fix’ it …. I too like the idea of reinforcement and chevrons etc as the rest of the garment seem to be holding up just fine. And its a very cute skirt.


  2. Oh rats! I’m really sentimental about the stuff I make, maybe sentimental isn’t the right word, I just hate to see something I’ve sweated and sworn over have to bite the dust. Did you manage to salvage it?


  3. too bad, the skirt is soo nice! I second Zoe here, it’s hardly noticeable, I would reinforce with some fabric on the inside. Otherwise go with Kerri and do it completely noticeable, that is hide the fix up behind a detail. good luck!


  4. Oh no! Being completely honest, in the larger picture of the skirt, I cannot even notice the rip! The only thing I can suggest is putting some matching fabric behind the rip?


  5. Oh no 😦 I’m always so upset when something I’ve made rips. I wish I could give you some advice. I hope you manage to fix it. If not I tend to save things and eventually patch them into something.


  6. Oh no! When you make it yourself the idea of having to ditch it makes me really sad, and one of your first pieces makes it sentimental (it would to me)! I like the idea of putting a piece of material over like a chevron! Bling up your workskirt! At least you have the skills to be able to mend your skirt….many don’t! One of the things I love about being able to sew!


  7. So sorry! The only suggestion I have is to maybe hand stitch a chevron over the torn area as a design detail. That kind of fits in with the overall look of the skirt. It could be tricky though, because of the location… it might look strange. You be the judge. 🙂


  8. Not dramatic at all, I am always a little sad when a me-made garment bites the dust, I guess it shows how much we love our creative skill (I hate using the word hobby).

    I Red Point’s idea of a triangle leather patch, or how about stitching a little triangle to reinforce it, is it called an arrow head tack or something?

    Do you remember what patten that skirt is because I like it! 🙂


    1. I have to say that I agree with you with regards to “hobbies” and yes I wouldn’t have minded nearly as much if it was from Glassons!

      It’s McCall’s 5523, it may be out of date by now but yes I love it too 🙂


  9. Oops… what a pity… it happens to me all the time. I am mostly sitting at my work. Difficult … you could put a triangle leather patch on it to make it stronger…. Maybe later on I got better ideas 🙂


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