The 48 Hour Dress: Easy Kimono

I made a dress in 48 hours! This is the Easy Kimono Dress by PatternRunway.

Kimono Dress

I have made this pattern before and made it a very easy dress very difficult for myself. This time I followed all the instructions and it went together very quickly and easily – funny how that happens! I made this dress out of a faille that I bought from Spotlight. I’m not often in Spotlight but I really wanted to get some flannel to make some Tofinos (yet to happen). I came across this fabric and thought it had a good drape : body ratio. It was $20/meter and I only needed one. Hello $20 dress!

Kimono Dress

I made this dress in a small and made only one adjustment. I added 2 centimeters onto the edge of the skirt piece. Last time I made this dress it sat a bit tight across my hips and I prefer a lose fitting skirt look with this pattern. In order to do this I used a long stitch around the top of the skirt piece and gathered it in a touch so that it would match the width of the top. I then sewed and overlocked them like normal and put the elastic in.

Kimono Dress

I thought about using a bias binding on the sleeves and neck instead of the facing pieces provided as I find facings to be quite fussy. In the end I went with the facings partly because I like the flared look of the sleeves and partly because I didn’t have any navy bias and it was raining so I didn’t want to go out – how slack is that?

Kimono Dress

I really like this pattern! It is so quick to put together and I would suggest it as a great pattern for beginner/ future sewing enthusiasts to learn on. There’s no fussy zippers and you don’t have to worry too much about fitting either due to the lose design. PatternRunway have just released three new PDF patterns on Etsy. I particularly like the Coffee Date Dress! So there is probably more PatternRunway sewing on the horizon…

Kimono Dress

Wondering what that green thing is? It’s a Pounamu necklace. Pounamu is a precious stone in NZ, similar to Jade. Have you sewn any PatternRunway dresses? Can you make me a recommendation?

33 thoughts on “The 48 Hour Dress: Easy Kimono”

  1. I’ve been thinking about making this pattern for ages, and your version is great! It looks very flattering and easy to wear. I think I might download it now! I also spied the latest Pattern Runway designs, I Like the Stella top with layered sleeves.


  2. Love it! What a great color for you. Would be great for work and after work dinner & drinks with the girls, too πŸ™‚ I’ll have to check out the pattern.


  3. Very lovely dress, so simple and elegant. I have not sewn any Pattern Runway patterns, and I have to make a confession. Until I clicked on the link you provided, I thought that people were actually referring to the ProjectRunway patterns by Simplicity. Oooops! πŸ™‚ Now, I can peruse through the site and check out the new (to me) patterns!


  4. Oh I adore easy dresses like that, and it looks great too!

    I seem to find myself going back to the few patterns that I like and make the same few dresses from them. Do you do the same too?


    1. Yes there are some patterns I have made several times and I had wanted to remake this for a while. I’ve always loved the shape. I just made a poor fabric choice first time around!


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