Winter Meet Up

On Sunday we – the Auckland Sewing Bloggers – had our Winter Meet Up. It was super fun and had a great time talking about sewing, sewing and sewing oh and a bit of blogging. There is something pretty cool about meeting up with people who you know you’ll have heaps in common with, especially if, like me, you don’t know many people who sew. CarolineFrancesMichelle, Jason and Claire joined us (we are still convincing them to get blogs!)

Photo shamelessly stolen from Caroline. You may notice we are mostly looking to the right – When Caroline asked the people at the table next to us to take a photo they thought we wanted a photo with them. Apparently they were famous rugby players. Awkward and hilarious.

Want to join us next time? Email me at penny[at]dressesandme[dot]com!

16 thoughts on “Winter Meet Up”

  1. That reminds me of the time we went out for a holiday brunch to a very nice venue and there was a hubub with people coming over to a table near us asking someone for an autograph. Finally we asked the waiter what was going on. He said that Lance Armstrong (the super-world-famous cyclist) was seated at the table next to us. It was one of those moments when my coplete lack of knowledge of the popular culture was embarrassingly apparent. I am so totally not a sports person and even so I recognized that name, but had no idea who he was (or cared, really). 🙂


  2. My complete lack of rugby knowledge was shown right there. Its a shame we can’t see Frances’ textured top. Its very cool 🙂


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