Winter Meet Up – This Sunday!

Just a quick note to say that we are having our winter meet up this Sunday 9 June at 10.30am. Frances, of Frankly Sew, suggested we meet at a cafe called Circus Circus on Mt Eden Road and I think that’s a great idea. Caroline and Michelle will also be there as well as all the non-bloggy sewing lovers.

Winter Meet Up

Keen to come but you’re a bit shy? Never fear! We are super friendly! Send me an email penny[at]dressesandme[dot]com and find out more.

3 thoughts on “Winter Meet Up – This Sunday!”

  1. Goodness Penny are you mad wearing short and jandals in winter! Though they are good shorts. OK. You are allowed but I hope you were inside and properly dressed shortly thereafter (guffaw snort! Sorry, that was a terrible pun).


  2. thanks for the like, wow your sewing is amazing, i am bit of a novice with clothes but determined to learn a bit more ! Love the pyjama party sew along too x


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