Little Black Dress: Vogue 8742

After my MMM ’13 meltdown earlier this week I decided to make some dresses that could cover several bases. I wanted to make dresses that I could wear out to town and also to work. So I made Very Easy Vogue 8742 (now out of print).


Full disclosure: i fell in love with Jorth’s version a wee while ago. I think this dress covers those two bases nicely. It is both modest enough for work and fitting enough to wear out to town (as I did last weekend). I like the simple style too – just a plain fitted dress. Its made a bit more interesting by the gathers on the front side pieces creating a flattering silhouette shape.


I made this dress out of a cotton and merino knit fabric from Nicks Fabrics on Dominion Road (FYI I bought four metres of wool knit fabrics for $24 – wow!) The wool content of the fabric and the long sleeves make all the difference in keeping warm. I know it sounds basic but I was pleasantly surprised by how cosy it was when I was out in the evening last weekend. It is deliciously warm and breathable too – perfection!


I made this dress in a straight 14. It is probably a touch big for me but 1. I hadn’t pre-washed my fabric so I was worried about shrinkage and 2. I wanted this dress to be comfy so that I didn’t feel like I had to straighten or rearrange whenever I stood up so I decided slightly too big is better than slightly too small. I also took 14 cm off the bottom of the length as per usual.


I felt like I needed to share this photo. I got all the seams to match up. Its kinda a big deal to me… This was my second item made from a knit fabric. I’m pretty pleased with how it went but I definitely had some angry words with my sewing machine swallowing up my fabric if I back stitched too close to the edge. I’ve never had this problem with a woven fabric so I don’t know if I was just having an off day of if this is a thing with knit fabrics.


So that’s it for me, is anyone else out there sewing any knit clothes? Tell me all the awesome patterns!

21 thoughts on “Little Black Dress: Vogue 8742”

  1. It looks really nice, but now it’s out of print, I sadly can’t steal this pattern from you too šŸ˜‰ I really like the little keyhole in the back – very stylish! I haven’t even started my other vogue pattern yet (oh, the shame), but hopefully soon! It’s turning into a British, washed-out non-spring here, so I think I’ll need them. Merino knit would be nice…


    1. Thank you! I know it’s a bummer it’s out of print but I had to post about it, I’m really pleased with how it turned out šŸ™‚ I was feeling so envious of all the northern hemisphere bloggers and their warmer weather – that’s lame it hasn’t some to you yet!


  2. This dress looks just fabulous on you!! Great job. The gathers at the side are very flattering. I have a few knit patterns that I’m going to be tackling along with a nice stash of knits fabric! But, right now in the queue are a few summer dresses in wovens and a jumpsuit type thing. So, maybe in fall, I’ll get to the knits.


  3. I don’t sew a lot with knits – there are just too many “wovens” calling my name! But this dress is so lovely on you, and so perfect for your needs, that , if I were you, I’d definitely be making this pattern again – soon!


    1. There does seem to be so much more variation with woven fabrics but knits are good for the basics! Thanks Karen you’re always full of encouragement! Yes I may make it in a burgundy or emerald.. so many ideas!


  4. Good work on that seam matching, it definitely deserved a photo! I don’t sew with knits much because usually my machine has a temper tantrum, but I’ve had some good results with ponte knits and new look 6000


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