Colour Blocking or A Wearable Muslin

My Me Made May photo on Instagram yesterday. Click here to follow me.


This was a colour blocking experiment using a pattern that I picked up from the Salvation Army Store in Cromwell – you must really think I’ve really hit rock bottom – but it was a charming place and I even found some nice wool (so there). Also sorry for the crinkles and the looking below average – this is just how things are when I get home after work.


I feel pretty happy with how my experiment worked out. The fabric is not as thick as it looked on the bolt and it is super stretchy too so fitting was a breeze. The pocked details are my favourite part about this pattern. I’m super keen to make this skirt again. I like the fit and the cute pocket details. I think if I did it would be in a light pastel colour and again a dark waistband and perhaps matching pocket details. There’s something very summery about this pattern to me.


Colour blocking has a lot of potential, in my opinion, to alter perceptions of form. Dark colours to make some areas look smaller, light colours to make others look larger. Or even colour blocking out the sides of a dress or top so that it shrinks or disappears.

Do you colour block? Which garment is your colour blocking masterpiece?


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