Me Made May and Meet Up

Here in New Zealand we are well and truly into winter – it’s grey outside, it’s been pouring all day and my boots are sodden right through to my toes. Full disclosure: I even bought some Ugg Boots last week.


I’ve dived into Me Made May head first and actually remembered to note this when I get dresses every morning! Well done me! My photographer was working late this week so I’ve only got pics of the last three days but rest assured that I have been complying with my pledge. Here is the evidence:


May 2: Houndstooth skirt; May 3: Vintage-y blouse and Grey work skirt; May 4: Ginger by Colette and gingham shirt (the first blouse I every made). This last outfit has become my go-to combo.

The Auckland Sewing Bloggers had their first Meet Up last weekend too! It was a great morning discussing our shared love of Sewaholic Patterns – Claire and I even decided to have a Thurlow challenge to conquer our fear of sewing trousers. Michelle from Every Stitch bought some great fabric which we pounced on and told us about how she was going to whip up a 1920’s dress IN ONE AFTERNOON for her daughter’s party! What a super hero! Unfortunately I forgot to take photos, I only posted one to my instagram of my lemon tart – what a fail!

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I’m looking forward to the next one!

8 thoughts on “Me Made May and Meet Up”

  1. I did Me Made May last year and I found it so much fun, but hard and stressful too. I was so glad that I did it though, it really proved to me that I SHOULD wear more of my me made Garments! Good luck and have a lot of fun!


      1. Same here, we have just cone out of winter. Everything is a bloom and green. Not envying you your weather. 🙂


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