Pattern Pyramid Winner & MORE


Earlier this week I posted about the Pattern Pyramid I hosted. BUT THAT WAS ONLY HALF THE STORY – I received another, very thoughtful gift from Sew Biased, a copy of the original handbook that would have come with the Elna Grasshopper. Sew Biased noticed that I had previously blogged about My Grasshopper which was my grandmothers 1950s (or ’60s?) sewing machine. I used it for many years and even though I now have a computerised Janome my Grasshopper still keeps me company in my sewing room.

The manual has many pearls of wisdom…

Turns out there are 17(!!!!!) place that you’re meant to oil

And that I’ve been refilling the bobbin incorrectly all this time…awkward

There’s also five whole pages on what to do when things go wrong. Very handy indeed.

Now on to the thing you’re actually wanting from this post … The winner of the Pattern Pyramid … AND THE WINNER IS Country Girl Couture – WELL DONE! Send me an email and I’ll send this package your way!

New Picture (2)

For now I’ll leave you with this slightly weird video of someone demonstrating the Grasshopper’s functions…

9 thoughts on “Pattern Pyramid Winner & MORE”

  1. Congrats to CG Couture!
    I was a bit surprised when I first saw ALL of the oiling points, but they do reward you with a beautifully running machine if you can get most of them! So pleased you liked it!!


  2. I am dying to find myself a good grasshopper, I trawl TradeMe constantly! πŸ˜‰ Lucky you to receive such an amazing gift, I love the old instruction manuals, I have a couple with my vintage machines, great illustrations.


  3. Whoa! I had to mouse over the link to make sure it was mine! LOL! I don’t have your email address, but it should leave it for you with this comment, so drop me a line and I’ll send you the info. πŸ™‚ Thanks! Yay!


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