Mad Men Sewalong



I’m sorry for yelling but this is pretty exciting! When Julia Bobbin had her first Mad Men Dress Challenge I was fairly new to this game (both sewing and blogging!) but now I’m up for the challenge! Julia has made some great Mad Men dress replicas that I’m super envious of like her Peggy Dress and her Joan Dress

So now I need to decide what I want to make… I don’t want it to be too costume-y if you know what I mean, so that I can wear the dress normally too. I originally thought of making a houndstooth office dress similar to this …


… but then I would need to buy a pattern too and right now I’m seriously stash (and pattern) busting. And then I saw this poster and I was sold!


But which dress you ask? And which fabric? BETTY’S


Will this look too costume-y? I’m so blinded by the pretty fabric! Advice/ opinions welcome!

18 thoughts on “Mad Men Sewalong”

  1. Would you consider turning it into a two piece? Then you can mix and match to change it up. Extending the length of the top so it could be tucked into the skirt or even a pair of jeans. I’m not sure but it could be a never ending journey of fabrics and shoes! Let’s hit the trail!


  2. I always think that what makes dresses like this costume-y is when they’re worn with period accessories– the head-to-toe vintage look. With modern accessories (and hairstyle), and a modern way of wearing a dress like this, like pairing it with a leather jacket and boots, it would look completely current– but still with that Mad Men inspiration! I love your fabric!!


  3. This dress will look fabo…the fact that you’ve got some blue in the fabric and not just gold (like Betty) will make it a little less dressy and therefor far more versatile. I can’t wait to see it. I have never had much luck with that cut of sleeve (or lack of ) and welcome any tips you have as you make it. xx Shauna


  4. I think it’s gorgeous! Go fancy or go home! I am totally planning on making a mad men item myself, but there’s just so many amazing dresses to pick from! Ah these are the types of problems I enjoy having 😉


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