Candy Floss Skirt

I’ve just completed another SPCA Op Shop pattern – Very Easy Vogue 9946, view A circa 1987.


The material is a linen viscose blend and was only $9 from The Fabric Warehouse remnants. I do love remnants. It has a good drape and doesn’t seem have the horrors of wrinklage that 100% linen does (I know the skirt looks super wrinkly now but I was at a barbecue to celebrate Waitangi Day the day these photos were taken). Double bonus – when I pre-washed it the colour stayed pretty much the same. Phew!


I really like the buttons on this skirt, they were what sold the pattern for me. As whenever I stitch buttonholes, I was pretty anxious about cutting them open. The idea of cutting into the front of my if they were in the wring place is a stressful one. I decided to shorten the skirt to be just above the knee (I’m not a super tall person). So I moved the buttons closer together, from 11.5 cms to 10 cms between them. Not sure if this is usual practice but it made sense to me!


I usually love me a good waistband but following the advice given by the pattern (all the women on the cover of the pattern envelope) I too put a belt over the top of the skirt covering the waistband. In case you were curious this is what it looks like sans belt here you go:



10 thoughts on “Candy Floss Skirt”

  1. Great skirt! I love the color and the style and you did a really good job with the button spacing. The skirt reminds me of the Megan Nielsen Kelly pattern. But it looks from the line drawings that yours has darts in the back? The box pleats on the back of the Kelly skirt were a deal breaker for me 😦


    1. Yea I’ve seen the Kelly skirt and am quite fond of it too! I didn’t realise it had box pleats in the back though – I would be sceptical as well! Yes this pattern has 4 darts in the back. Perhaps a good alternative if you were still interested in the Kelly?


      1. Yes, I have already made the Kelly and realized the problem with the pleats when my husband pointed out that I wasn’t going to like the skirt when I looked in the mirror. I have decided to give it to my sister who needs a little help in the Junk-Trunk department. I guess I could always convert the pleats to darts. A similar RTW skirt that I have has darts in the back like your skirt. Maybe I will add a modified Kelly back to my sewing list…


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