Round UP

So with the year coming to a close I have been reflecting on my newest pursuit and the second love of my life – sewing.

This year I’ve completed 17 items of clothing and one line of bunting. I also have two genuine WIPs and two truly genuine UFOs (they haven’t had any progress on them in five and two months respectively). And without further ado here’s what I’ve made: Nine dresses, four skirts, three tops and a line of bunting






This year has been a good year for my relationship with sewing. I’ve started working full time, which has had the reverse effect to what everyone says will happen when you start full time work – I have far more spare time now than I did as a student.

In 2012 I’ve had lots of fun re-learning to sew. I’ve learnt tonnes of new terms selvage, bias binding and kimono sleeves and I’ve even learnt how to insert an invisible zipper. Being part of the blogging community has been immensely helpful with this learning too. There’s such a wealth of knowledge out there and it’s been great to be able to access all that information and experience. The sewing bloggers out there have also been incredibly supportive and encouraging – thank you!


I started the year sewing on my grandmother’s sewing machine, and a few months ago I bought myself a Janome sewing machine. And to top it off for my birthday mum bought me an amazing Baby Lock serger

So now I, as I look into the next year I’m thinking about sewing goals for the new year. What are your New Years Sewing Goals?


22 thoughts on “Round UP”

  1. What pattern did you use for the very top right dress? I LOVE it!! My boyfriend got me my very first sewing machine on my birthday (end of Dec) and I’ve already made a skirt and some trousers… I just can’t stop!!! Please let me know, it looks amazing! 🙂


  2. I recently discovered your blog. 17 garments is incredible! I was curious about the black and white dress on the far right. Did you use a pattern? If so, which one? Is this blogged on your blog? I couldn’t find it.


  3. I love the black lace dress especially! After a year of sewing mostly without patterns in Amsterdam, it’s nice to be back in New Zealand with my old Husqvana sewing machine (recently fully reconditioned and as good as new, which at 34 years old is saying something) and getting into some new patterns. I think it’s going to be a year of dresses if my recent pattern purchases are anything to go by. And I’m starting a new job, which of course is just a way of saying ‘new wardrobe’! Keep up the good work.


  4. What great progress you’ve made. You’ve had a great sewing adventure in 2012 and I see (reading the tea leaves) many happy years of sewing ahead for you. 🙂


  5. I always am more productive when I have goals toward which to work – so I am definitely planning on making a list! I loved seeing your retrospective on 2012’s sewing accomplishments! Congratulations on a great year!


  6. What an awesome collection you’ve made this year – I love the fit and fabrics on every garment, especially the two belted dresses at the top! Hope to see more of your work in 2013!

    Happy X-mas and happy new sewing year 🙂


  7. Wow, you’ve been busy! That red dress looks awesome. Was it difficult to do?

    I got my first sewing machine for my birthday last month, so I’ve only done a couple of projects. I made a zipper clutch with lining and interior pockets, and I just completed two diaper/changing pad pouches for two cousins (one who just had a baby and one who is due any day!). The pouch has two pockets: one for the changing pad and one for diapers and wipes, and I also made a changing pad to go with it. I found the pattern on (a blog with some free patterns!). I’ll be posting about the pouches later today.

    My (minimum) goal for 2013 is to create 1 skirt, 1 dress and 1 top (I hope I’ll make more, but I figure I should give myself a fairly easy goal to start!)


    1. The red dress was probably one of the easiest things because it’s only made from there pieces 🙂 Wow sounds like you’ve made a lot too this year. I’m
      Sure you’ll easily be able to manage three garments and you’ll be a sewaholic before you know it!


  8. Your clothes are amazing and those dresses show off your tiny waist. Seeing all your photos inspires new to make some clothing for myself; maybe that can be part of my plan for next years crafting.happy Christmas and a happy New year.


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