Work Skirt #2

In case you didn’t know, and I don’t blame you if you didn’t, I started my first full time job this year. And amongst other things that meant that I needed more clothes. Like work appropriate clothes. And whilst I love making evening dresses like my Black Lacey Number


… The clothes that I really need to be more every day than that. A few weeks ago I finished my Super Boring Work Skirt That I Love. And here is my next creation in all things practical Vogue 8603:



I spent a lot of time hunting for the right type of fabric for this pattern. I wanted something that would be warm but not too thick so that the gathers wouldn’t be too bulky. In the end I bought this amazing lightweight wool from The Fabric Warehouse in Mt Eden – “thoroughly uninspiring website, totally inspiring fabric” is their byline… Or at least I think it should be. Did I mention that I love this fabric? It was very easy to work with! And it was 20% off! BOOM!


I didn’t do much in the way of pattern adjustments, except that I decided that I was not going to put the gathers in the bottom of the skirt back. When I saw the line drawings I thought that’s a lot of gathers on one skirt so I omitted them and cut the view C centre back piece instead.


I also decided against making a lining, as the pattern required, as I thought that would add bulk in the gathers. In the photos I’m wearing half slip instead (same thing, right?)

Have you made something practical?

12 thoughts on “Work Skirt #2”

  1. Your skirt looks fantastic! And I love your fabric. Usually with a style with gathers like this, the lining will be cut to lie flat, not gathered (at least it should be), to stabilize the outer gathered skirt. But as you say, a slip works too!


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