The Super “Boring” Skirt That I Love

Oh yes, I have completed the third of my patterns from the big pattern splurge I had a wee while ago. This may look like a super boring skirt. Plain black. Straight. No waistband. No frills. No pockets.

BUT BEFORE I PUT YOU OFF – let me say that I love my new skirt and let me tell you why.

First – look at that luscious material! It’s 100% wool and 100% machine washable. It’s delicious and warm and has a lovely subtle sheen to it.

Secondly, I love the fit! I sewed a 12 straight of the packet even though my measurements are definately for a 14. Previously I wanted to do things ‘right’ and would always cut a 14 but I always ended up taking it in so I’ve decided that I don’t care what McCalls says I think I’m a 12 – and so far it’s working out well. The sewed the petite (short person’s) version of this pattern as I usually have to take two inches of the bottom of anythign I make! Aside from that adjustment, the only chage I made to the pattern was to install an invisible zipper instead of a normal one.


Third, I love the pattern. I used McCall’s M5523 and made view D (the yellow one). And without further ado here’s the most exciting part of the shirt – the back (I feel a bit odd posting a photo of my backside to the internet so be kind!)

I think the pleats really make” this skirt if you know what I mean. I think they’re simple but dress the skirt up without being fusy. The material I chose doesn’t hold the pleats in place quite as firmly as I’d hoped but all the same they do stay.

Similarly to Sew Busy Lizzy this was the first project that I used a double needle on. This, along with my new serger, I think, isstarting to make my sewing look a lot more professional than when i started at the beginning of the year. In case you were interested I found this video about sewing with double needles:




26 thoughts on “The Super “Boring” Skirt That I Love”

  1. Love this pattern! I’ve made the pleated and godet versions but in ‘busy’ quilting cotton…and those details were somewhat ‘lost’ in the print. See:

    Really like your not-boring-at-all black wook version…and have begun plotting my own! Thanks for the inspiration.

    PS:if you make the godet version, hem the godet before attaching it to the skirt…makes for a much neater finish!


    1. Hi cherry! I just checked out your versions and they look great! I really like the busy yellow and gold one and it’s given me an idea for a summer skirt! Thanks for the link! Also I think you said that you made the cowl vogue dress I made a few weeks ago but I couldn’t find it on your site. Could I please have a link?


  2. looks fantastic! I’m getting my sewing machine very soon (it was ordered online yesterday, since it was not in stock in the store). I’m getting a basic beginner Brother sewing machine, but I’m really excited and plan to do a skirt first! 🙂


  3. You know… sometimes I think super boring is super great. I have a RTW black pencil skirt and I adore it. It goes with everything, it fits perfectly and I never get sick of it. Congratulations on your skirt, new sewing skills, double needle, serger and all. I get my serger on Tuesday – hooray!


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