New Look 6035 – Take Two

I made another singlet – and this time it was a success!


I used new look 6035 again but unlike last time it actually worked! I will definitely be wearing this top a lot in the upcoming summer. The bias seam binding is sitting flat and the gathers are even – perfection!


I think there are two reasons why this top turned out so much better than the last one. First, the material I used was a lot easier to handle. This is a light cotton with a bit of one-way stretch (total $6!!). This meant that the binding was easier to wrangle and stretch into place. Second, my new machine is a dream to work with. The slow speed setting and the accurate makes it a lot easier to be accurate with the top stitching.


I decided to cut a 16 (last time I cut a 12). Although I ended up taking in 2cms on either sides I decided not to take the shoulders in. Last time I thought it sat a bit high.


I can defiantly see myself making more of these tops in the near future. Watch this space.


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