Vintage-y Goody Gumdrops Dress

So I finally made this dress that I blogged about earlier in the year as a part of Vintage Pattern on Sunday. It’s a 1950s -ish looking dress with a fitted bodice with a gathered waistline.


This dress was somewhat of an experiment. There have been a lot of bloggers posting about dresses with gathered waistlines like Colette’s Hazel and Sewaholic’s Cambie. I liked the look but wasn’t sure if it was me, if ya know what I mean… So I thought I’d try with a pattern I already owned and some cheap material (cotton lycra blend, $6 per metre)

So here it is:



Side shot is not super flattering – but necessary to make my point – gathered waistlines are not mega flattering on my body shape. I think this style of dress is suited to tall, slender types. A club to which I am not a member (sadly). However, I still do quite like this dress. It’s fun and happy and I can imagine myself wearing it to the beach in the summer.

On a side note, I secretly really enjoyed hand stitching the lining in:


That’s my I’m not entirely convinced it’s my look face


So that was my experiment for the week. Have you tried something new recently?

21 thoughts on “Vintage-y Goody Gumdrops Dress”

  1. HI! Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I’m very impressed with your dress making skills, and I really like the pattern. One of these days I’ll have to get myself a pattern, some fabric and get down to some serious work haha


  2. I whipped up a cute little dress this weekend! It’s a vintage McCall’s pattern from 1965, purchased on Etsy from this lovely seller . It was the open-back detail that sold me on this one, that and the little bow belt. So cute!


  3. Beautiful! The color looks amazing on you. Even though this is clearly vintage I think the dress has a modern look to it, you could wear this just about anywhere.


  4. I think it is lovely on you. Sometimes all those skirt gathers send the impression of not being flattering when you’re looking down on them, but they are feminine, classic and good-looking. One thing you can do if you make this pattern again is change the gathers to soft pleats – less bulk and a slimmer silhouette (and quite easy to do!).


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