What I Do


I’ve taken to pinning my pattern instructions to the wall behind my sewing machine. I find this a lot easier than having to keep unfolding them on my sewing desk to read.

What do you do to make your sewing space more ergonomic?

28 thoughts on “What I Do”

  1. Not only do I post my pattern sheet on the wall behind my machine, I also post my pattern pieces there. Sometimes pattern piece have different seam allowances or other marks on them that I may not have noticed at first (lazy me) so if i have them hanging in clear view, they are easier to look at again and again. I also use them again to find seams that match on pieces that may look a lot alike. I manage all of this by hanging a large piece of quilt batting behind my machine, and then I can pin pattern pieces or instructions to the batting.


  2. i blutack the pattern to the wall so i don’t have to keep moving it from under the fabric on my sewing table. i also annotate the pattern in red ink if i find a better/quicker way of doing something. i tend to use the same patterns over and over, and i refine them each time. i NEVER do stay-stitching.


    1. hhhmmmm I really like your idea of annotating your patterns. That would be so helpful. I’m going to use a mccalls pattern again that i used earlier in the year and was recently wondering what size i used. Should have written it down!


  3. A couple of years ago, I gave up a window view for a wall, just so I could hang a 4×3 foot bulletin board above my sewing desk. I pin up my instructions, inspiration pieces, extra pieces of the fabric I’m using to test stitches. Love it! I don’t wonder where my instructions are anymore.


  4. Great idea! I have been moving the instructions to my rather expensive pattern all over the place and putting it away more often than I would like for fear my boyfriend will spill something on it (sewing space in dining room portion of open living space). I might try this! I am also thinking of trying one of these to give me better cutting space than the low table and floor:


  5. Wow, that’s so simple and handy. I currently sew in my dining room since I’m a renter and our spare room is a craft/guest/kitty room…basically I need more room.


  6. That’s a great idea! My sewing space is not functional at all – I have things scattered all over our living room. I will have to give pinning up the instructions a try 🙂


  7. It may sound obvious, but I use an office chair that rolls and swivels to move back and forth easily between my sewing machine and serger (and sometimes, the iron).


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