Inspiration: White Sequins

I confess I’m quite a magpie. I adore sequins. If it were socially acceptable I would wear sequins to work as well as out at night. In order to bridge the gap between party-wear and are work-appropriate I found some nice understated, yet bespangled tops. Enjoy.







10 thoughts on “Inspiration: White Sequins”

  1. I wore a sequin tank top with jeans and high heals to a boat cruise. Wearing sequins with jeans makes them less “dressy” and a little bit more casual. I would wear them during the day – but not to work. Too bad I don’t work at Chanel. I bet they get to wear sequins!


  2. I love sequins too! And these examples are especially pretty, and you’re right about them being more subtle in the pale colors.


      1. How about matte sequins? Especially tiny ones. They make more of a texture statement than a glittery one. Plus they’re subtle, which usually translates to sophisticated.


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