New Season Vogue Patterns – Fall 2012

The new vogue patterns are out! Without further ado here’s my two cents worth on what I would make and what I think of them:


I think this looks like a lot of work – recommended for “average” sewists – indeed


A nice loosing fitting jersey material dress. Looks comfortable and can be dressed up


THIS PHOTO IS HILARIOUS. I mean how can anyone call it ‘high fashion’!? Again, it looks comfortable but the economist in me thinks – is this a waste of material?? Also this only suits hour-glass figures (according to the style guide) I think this may be telling…


This is my favourite so far. I like the ‘mod’ style and the exposed zipper especially. I don’t know if I’d make it in different fabrics though…


ANOTHER jersey fabric dress. Is there a theme appearing?


LOVE THIS DRESS. I think of the whole collection this is my favourite. I know I already said that, but really this is. The shape, the bow, the neckline – it all works in my mind. I’ll be buying this one for sure.


When I first saw this I liked it, but upon reflection I think it was the houndstooth I liked!


Despite the fact that this coat is described as “very loosing fitting” I’m very drawn to it. I think I like the drama of the collar and the shoulders. Practicality?


Glad to see a cape pattern for this season. I think the right kind of person could pull this off, but not me. You need swagger to wear this.



This pattern is for the pants and shirt. Alas its a no and maybe/ no from me. Maybe/ no is for the shirt – I think this could work in a light cotton as a summer top. And hell no to the elasticated waistband pants!


This pattern is also for the top and skirt. I’m really undecided on this one. I quite like the top and skirt but I wonder if they look too OTT together? If I was in the corporate world then I guess it would be different.



Whilst I don’t think I’d make a suit for myself I’m totally sold on the blouse. I have been seeking out a pussy bow pattern for a while now so I’m glad to see vogue has answered my plea to the universe! I would follow suit (hilarious pun, I know) and also make it out of a silk or silk-like fabric.

So that’s what I think. What do you think of the new patterns??


25 thoughts on “New Season Vogue Patterns – Fall 2012”

  1. Holy moly! I don’t think I could wear most these (or would want to) or make them. The red dress is my favourite and I don’t mind the houndstooth coat. But seriously I’m not sure what Vogue were thinking…


  2. I just saw the new line today myself– lots of good designs, I think, especially the Donna Karan ones. Love the cape and the black/white dress! But I think my favorite is the color-blocked one (the first one here). Of course, I’d have to use a completely different color palette…


  3. I also really like that red dress. I also like the houndstooth jacket – and not just because of the fabric. I like the yoke/dropped shoulder effect – it’s mid-century-ish with great contemporary style. I really dislike that cape – my advice to its designer: either make a cape or make a tailored jacket, but please don’t try to combine them – it doesn’t work.
    Finally – you would look lovely in that blouse!
    PS – I vote yes for that gorgeous coat with the big collar (1321) – it’s a statement-maker!


  4. Well… I am a little disappointed with the new Vogue patterns … I like the red dress as well – vintage – 1950’s – elements making it looks very classy.


  5. A nice round up of the new seasons patterns. I think the houndstooth check coat looks very like a Burda magazine pattern I made up a few years ago – I will have to check it out later.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  6. Love the red dress, and the last blouse!
    Totally agree on picture with the black dress – what a ridiculous pose! How is that supposed to make any dress look good?


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