So, yet again I have been distracted from my current sewing project. I’m currently making a cape (here for look) however, it seems I have been distracted by another thing I want to make. I am still making progress with my cape and promise to post a WIP update later  this week.

In the meantime let me tell you about my latest distraction – McCalls 6460



In case I haven’t told you before (we’re all friends here right?) I’m going to a ball! I haven’t been to a ball in absolutely ages. I thought that I wanted to wear quite a simple dress that with any luck I can wear again. So here is my inspiration: 20120716-182325.jpg

Don’t Judge! Yes it’s Taylor Swift, but look at the dress, isn’t is lovely?!

Here’s a similar dress but one with a full skirt:



Once I started googling I found that most of the images under “black lace dress” had sleeves. I orginally was going to opt for the sleeveless version but after seeing these I think I’m won over by the elbow length sleeves (like Taylor’s).


Yes I have already bought the fabric and the pattern (danger – what if I don’t get onto this project in time and it ends up on my shelf with the copious amounts of other fabrics yet to be made up!?!?!)

I bought a black floral lace and a champaign-pinky satin to line it with. Upon reflection I’m a tad worried that this will look a bit rude. When I said I’d like something to line the dress with the shop assistant picked up some black and looking at all the photos on google they’re all lined with black too… Please tell me it won’t look rude!


Hopefully the bodice will look something like this (above)


And I will look something like this lady – elegant and introspective!

One last note: I despise wearing strapless bras as they are forever cutting into my ribs which is only a tad better, in my book, than being too loose. Anyway, I found this great link giving instructions on how to sew a bra into a dress, I’m definitely going to give it a go!

30 thoughts on “DISTRACTIONS…”

  1. Stunning! And I don’t think it will be rude – I had a friend who wore a similar style dress/same black lace with pink/champagne lining to her high school prom, without causing a stir. 🙂


  2. I was looking into making a dress like this as all shop ones havent fitted me properly. The lining will be fine! It will add to the glamorous feel! Just take a look at Hollywood. 🙂


  3. Can’t wait to see your finished product. All your design ideas sound like the dress is going to be lovely. Lace has such a big presence right now. Don’t forget all the big pieces of lace hanging around in thrift stores; ie; curtains & tablecloths! They are great when re-purposed into garments or accessories. Big pieces too, with no seams for ages……


    1. Yeah I’ve seen a lot of lace around in the RTW shops recently especially in black bit also sometimes in red. Our thrift shops in nz don’t tend to stock fabric remnant unfortunately it I always have an eye out – as I have found some great patterns at thrift shops recently!


  4. This is a beautiful distraction! I like the idea of pink lining, as long as it doesn’t look like you’re trying to match skin, you know? A pretty pink, not a nudey pink.


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