Inpiration: Capes

Well, as everyone says – or at least as some of us think – If Victoria Beckham’s wearing it, it must be fashionable, right? So here are some capes – for inspirations sake. 
(Click on the photo for the links)

The fashionista was spotted recently wearing this cape:

She was also seen a wee while ago wearing this stunner (looks a lot like the vogue pattern I’m using don’t you reckon?)

Cape Newport News

Have you seen any great capes recently?

22 thoughts on “Inpiration: Capes”

  1. Sew Everything Workshop (aka S.E.W) is a sewing book by Diana Rupp, and one of the book’s included patterns is a cape that you featured in this post, one up from the bottom, the cute brunette wearing the wool herringbone design with pink lining. I’ve been absolutely dying to make it.

    Also, while we’re at it, I just saw Moonrise Kindgom yesterday and am in love with the costumes in it. The main girl in the film at one point wears this amazing coat with a cape–or maybe that would be considered a capelet (I still don’t know my clothing terms.) See if this link works:


  2. Love these! So classy looking, plus if I’m wearing a cape I wouldn’t have to suck in my stomach all day. 🙂

    This website makes me wish I could sew. You’re very talented!


  3. I think I want every last one of those! And while I’m ordering, can I also order a body like Victoria’s also? Thanks! Of course if I wore these I would have to wear something other than tennis shoes everywhere I go and we all know THAT isn’t going to happen! When you’re done making this fabulous cape, please show a complimenting outfit to go with. I need inspiration!


  4. I love capes, and I have been able to get a number of vintage Vogue patterns which feature them. I think they are very elegant! A cape is definitely in my future!


  5. I’ve been wanting to make the one from Sew Everything Workshop since buying that book, and plan on doing one for fall. Just looking for the perfect fabric, but it’s hard to get inspired in this weather. Great post, by the way.


  6. I just desperately want to make one. A girl last winter was on a bus wearing a dark green one with a contrast bias tape around the edges. It looked so pretty!


      1. It really was. I am just annoyed at myself for not asking her about it. I mean the worst would have been that she ignores me. lol.


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