Blue Dress II

So… not a great deal of progress has been made since my last post about the blue dress I’m making for my sister’s birthday.


I have pinned the pieces to the linen and measures 1/4 inch around the side seams as I needed one inch added to the bust and waist.



Please excuse the hideous retro carpet in our flat.


I then pinned the pattern to the lining and added one inch around the edges. I was intending to finish the seams in the same way as Did You Make That? did here (such a smart way to finish). Unfortunately, I only remembered about this on the bodice front and clean forgot when I was cutting the pieces for the back! *cries*


Undeterred I ploughed on, basting the lining and the linen together using a long stitch:


Now to put the darts in and join at the sides

How’s your project going?

5 thoughts on “Blue Dress II”

  1. Thanks for linking to that organza tutorial- it’s so helpful! And I know just what it’s like to have grand plans for something & then forget to do it. Maybe you can trim your fashion fabric seams like in the tutorial? If all else fails a good overcasting stitch might help tame some of the fraying.


    1. That’s quite alright! I found it so helpful myself I thought others would appreciate it too. That’s a good idea, I guess I’ll have to do it the proper way – not the “Penny way” ha!


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