Now that I’ve finished my velvet dress I’m thinking about the next thing I want to make. As we’re heading into winter in the Antipodes (the ends of the Earth) I was thinking of making the wool I bought in Wellington into a pencil skirt. So these are my pattern options:

From top left: Very Easy Vogue 7101 c.1987, view A (brown); New Look 6274c. 2003, view A (floral print); or Butterick 6662 c.1993, view C (yellow).

And here is the wool. It is woven out of thick strands (?) of cream, brown,and dark pink, almost fuchsia. Its a bit on the thick-side, and does not have any stretch. My first choice of pattern was the Very Easy Vogue, however I wonder if the pleats, belt loops and the pockets will make it look too bulk? So my next thought was the New Look pattern. This is a very simple two piece pattern (plus facings). It would be simple to put together and and definitely not bulky-making. The third option, the Butterick pattern was a bit of an after-thought. I thought that making it with the split to one side could make it a bit more interesting.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? All much appreciated!

10 thoughts on “Skirtsandme”

    1. Ended up sewing this skirt over the weekend. Thanks for the pattern suggestion. It’s really pretty! If only I could have made a matching jacket – alas I bought this fabric as an end-of-role special (only 0.7m!)


  1. Oh, lovely. I should say a straight skirt, but I have never worked with wool, so I am not to be trusted. And also I have a bit of a “thing” for straight skirts. Straight skirts with sheer “poof” blouses. I just like the style. But as I say, don’t go by me. I am a bit of a stranger to bulky materials, for I am nervous about results (and I have broken the needle on my mum’s machine about a hundred times).


  2. Beautiful wool! What a dilemma. 🙂 I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these. I’d say go with your first choice. And maybe omit the belt loops if you think it would make the skirt too bulky?


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