Sewing Class: Week Four

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to sewing class on Monday. But I did had a lovely dinner with my flat mate Christine instead (home made spaghetti bolognaise in case you were wondering).

However I can tell you about one of the projects I have on the go right now. It’s another dress from the Vogue 1102 pattern. I say ‘another’ because I’ve made it once before (click here to read the post). Here’s how it turned out last time:

What I loved about this pattern was how the open back made it nice and cool as a summer dress. However when I looked at the pattern I thought it would make a great formal dress (ie for going to army dinners with my Lovely. Because of this I had made it out of a delicious wool crepe which undid all the great work of it being a summer dress.

So my plan this time is to make it in a light cotton. I chose this pink and yellow floral/ stripy print at designer textiles ($6/m) and thought I’d give it a whirl.

So far I’ve sewn the lining and the bodice and attached the two together.


Here’s the finished bodice:



So now I’m up to attaching the skirt to the bodice.

How’s your sewing project going?

10 thoughts on “Sewing Class: Week Four”

  1. Oh my gosh don’t you look fab in the fist picture – major waistline and dress envy here!
    I can’t wait to see how the summer dress comes out, the bow tie on the back is a nice touch


  2. So talented! The black dress looks lovely, and I’m sure the print will turn out to be a perfect summery dress!

    There are three levels of sewing classes at the center where I’m taking my class. The third level is a project of our choice, I think I may try a dress if I choose to take the class…which i plan to do!


    1. Thanks! I was quite pleased with how the first one turned out πŸ™‚

      I think this’d be a good pattern to use for your class. It’s pretty easy to cut out and put together. It’s only 10 pieces (including lining) and its all pretty straight forward.


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