Graduation Bouquet

Here are some more photos of the bouquet of flowers my sister gave me for my
university graduation. Just cos …

If anyone can help me name some of these flowers I would be most grateful!












7 thoughts on “Graduation Bouquet”

  1. Specifically, the smaller pink-and-white is Alstroemeria, which I think is also called Peruvian day lily. The white all in a row are snapdragons. I’m not good with identifying Asteraceae (daisy family).


  2. The white ones remind me of stocks, although I’m not 100% sure, the yellow ones definitely look like daisy chrysanthemums, and the blue ones look like camellias (and are gorgeous, I love that colour!)


    1. thanks for those names! I love all these flowers and want to learn their names do I could get some of them again. Ps I think the white ones are my favourite! So old-fashioned pretty!


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