Unexpected Gift

Last night when I got home my flat mate Emily said to me “I bought you a present! It’s for your sewing room” WOW! Isn’t that what you always want to hear when you get home? She gave me a parcel warped in a Pohutakawa motif paper. Inside was this cutie.


 He is (secretly) a tape measure! And a pin cushion. However I don’t think I could bear to put a pin into something this cute!




  Isn’t he just delightful?!



21 thoughts on “Unexpected Gift”

  1. what a great tape measure – not to mention pincushion! I’m always misplacing my tape measures – doesn’t matter how many I have – when I need one, there is none to be found! This looks like a great resolution. I wonder if they have them here in the US?


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