Sewing Class: Week Two

On Monday I went to my second week of Sew, Sew, Sew! I got there early and got cracking with sewing my velvet to the lining as I had finished cutting, pinned at home on Sunday evening (aren’t I good!) Remember this pattern…?


The instructions wanted me to baste the lining straight onto the velvet shell. My tutor was a bit dubious about this approach but thought it best to go along with what the instructions said. I took a guess and thought that a half inch seam allowance would suffice.


I then stitched the shape of the side darts, front darts and back darts right through the velvet and the lining as the instructions asked me to. This seemed somewhat unusual aswell (tutor also agreed) but who am I to argue with the pattern?


The tutor and I also thought that having four parallel darts in the front as well as four more in the back could look be a bit bulky with the velvet. Soooo I have only put in the larger of the darts (closer to the middle) on the front and the back and will see how that looks. I put the side darts in like normal.



Also here are some more pics of the lovely bouquet my sister bought me for graduation… just cos I felt like it…



5 thoughts on “Sewing Class: Week Two”

  1. Oh you are far more advanced than I am! I just started beginner sewing classes and we’re making pillows and pajama pants. I’ve had two classes and already look forward to Thursdays so I can go to the class again. I’m hoping they have a next level class when this one is over (only 8 weeks). I look forward to seeing your work!


    1. I don’t know if I’m much good – just a ‘Try-er’ 🙂 I really enjoy my sewing class too. It’s really good to set aside the time to learn how to do something new and fun (and not work-related!)


      1. Agreed! One my best friends asked if I wanted to take the class with her. I’d never used a sewing machine before two weeks ago, so it’s all so new to me, but I’m so glad she asked me to take the class with her! It’s fun 🙂


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