What Do You Buy?

I work for a charity. My boss and I are looking at setting up a social enterprise (a business that funds a good cause). This can be any sort of business – a second hand shop, a cafe, an on-line shop, it can really be anything.


So I’m interested to know – what do you buy? Does the fact that it’s a charity shop matter to you – would you spend more that usual if you knew it was? And do you do most of your shopping online or in shops? Afterall we could set up an online shop (which would presumably have less overheads so more profit.)

Any ideas you have would be superb! Thank You!


15 thoughts on “What Do You Buy?”

  1. @madebymim: I agree – ‘vintage’ can have quite a broad definition! Can be gorgeous or very tatty. I also like your idea of running label classes so the volunteers know how to price things. I’ll defs post again with any developments and let you know who it goes 🙂


  2. I never pay much for anything… but I will usually shell out a bit more for a good cause. I like to shop in actual shops, but if I find something good online, I will order it… if the pictures and description is good. I buy shoes, belts, purses, old hats, scarves, vintage clothes, quirky costume jewelry, and fabric the most. I sometimes buy pretty teacups, boxes or storage things, trims and laces, zippers and findings like buttons, and books about sewing, vintage fashion, art, crafts, and history.


    1. Hopefully with it being a Charity Shop we will be able to keep the costs down by asking our volunteers to look after the shop. I love your ideas for things to sell too. I think if the shop looks well presented and inviting people are more likely to stay a while and buy some items.


  3. I used to be a manageress of a charity shop, and I found that display is crucial, people will pay that little bit more if it looks good. My volunteer shop staff all ladies over 65 were of the opinion anything in a heap sold! Good times were had teaching them the art of shop design! I love all the above, I have a real soft spot for vintage glass cakestands !


      1. Mim is absolutely right. Most charity shops are just a mish mash of piles of stuff. But there is a charity shop in Crawley that I love to visit. The entire shop has a vintage feel with sewing mannequins dressed in pretty frocks, wardrobes with clothes neatly hanging inside and vintage trunks with jewellery hanging off the lids with lovely bits spilling out. http://www.ccconline.org.uk/photos.php?pgid=11&photoid=1297435816 The pictures here don’t do it much justice but I reckon if you searched vintage shops in Google images you could find some lovely ideas for chic displays. Whenever I go to this charity shop I always come out with a bag of stuff. It just feels like a swish place to shop. I think they’re also discerning about what they accept to sell instead of any old tat if you know what I mean.


      2. we had a lot of fun, although they can be very set in their ways !i sorted the shop into sections when i started as they had just tended to put anything in the first shelf space they found, the 2 biggest challenges were stopping them throwing out donated goods that were ‘vintage’ as they deemed anything old to be junk!! i think it was an age thing , because as young women they had always wanted new things but had to make do,they still seemed to be in that mind set,they wouldn’t believe some of the things i told them were ‘trendy’, i had a seperate area for vintage items that were priced accordingly The other area we had a few problems with was pricing, we were a very small charity,and the buck stopped with me,I ran ‘label’ lessons so they knew what were designer/good quality labels and what had come from supermarkets,or lower price stores,as it can be very confusing! good luck with the project ,let us know how it goes !


  4. all three actually. I am a seasoned thrift shopper and when I go into the charity stores I rifle everything! I love looking for vintage clothing, handbags, kids clothes and shoes, toys, nicknacks, art, books and dvd’s. I love the dress and bag!


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