Simplicity 3426

I just bought this pattern online! I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail. It is a 14 so it will require a bit of alteration (outwards) but overall I’m very pleased with this pattern.


It is c1960, hence the black and white photo. Its a bit hard to see in the photo but the inset shows that there are three choices for the back of the dress – V. 1 has a V back neckline and a contrasting band and bow at neck edge. V. 2 has a low square back neckline with bow trim. V. 3 has a low round neckline in back and contrasting rick-rack trim (what does that mean?)

I think I’d probably go with the low square back as I have a dress I wear all the time like that.

I was also just having a quick look at some Natalie Chan dresses online and found this beauty (which I love):

I love the full skirt and the subtle pattern on the fabric. I think I’ll use this dress as my inspiration for my pattern. So now I’m thinking of perhaps adding a contrasting belt instead of a self fabric belt.

What are your thoughts?

 Also, does anyone have any thoughts on sewing with vintage patterns? I’ve just starting cutting (a different) vintage pattern and it seems there are rather a lot less instructions…

And I promise – I won’t make this in navy!

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