Today I got a lovely surprise from my colleague Noeline. Her mother-in-law is down-sizing and has had to give up lots of her sewing treasures. So I have inherited a box of it.


Needless to say it was quite mix! There are wool tartans, linings, zippers, the stuff that you line a skirt with that makes in poof (clearly I am new to this!), t-shirt materials and a tonne of  other stuff. Some stuff I will definitely be using!

Here are the treasures:

Above: Thousands of zippers!!

Below: Two packets of this cute turquoise floral trim

Above: Five fun tartan wool blends. A couple of them will be big enough for skirts and others will be scarves! Also in this photo are two retro-fun floral prints (unknown material make up)

Below: Light blue, fuchsia and peach poofy-making material (what is this even called?!)

Above: Enough material to live SEVERAL skirts, coats, dresses …

Below: somewhat unexpectedly, I also found this belt – winning!

So there you go! Thanks Noeline – this is an amazing gift! I just need to get sewing now…


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