New Patterns

Oh no I just bought some more patterns. I know, I know I haven’t finished this and I’ve just started cutting the pattern for my PatternRunway dress … However, I finished work early on a Friday and decided to look at the SPCA Op Shop on the way home. They had a small collection of patterns but as they were only a dollar each I ended up buying four. Here they are:

Vogue Basic Design 1642

I’ve never done a shirt before. I liked that this one because I thought it had a nice shape around the waist.

Butterick Classic 6662 Fast and Easy

I quite like view A (yellow) and thought I could be a nice work skirt. And even view E (navy blue) would be a nice summery skirt.

These next two – Vogue Basic Design 1649 and Very Easy Vogue 8586 – I’m not entirely sold on but were why not? purchases.

With the coat I quite like view B (longer sleeves) and perhaps in a textured or bright material. The trousers could be good for work (but again I’ve never done trousers before either!)

Hmmm… Need to do some more thinking! Let me know what you think!


12 thoughts on “New Patterns”

  1. Some really great patterns there. I like the last one as it’s got a great pair of tailored shorts that would be perfect for a dressier summer outfit with a nice pair of gladiator sandals. Good buys!


  2. The basic design pattern may look a little eighties but I reckon those trousers (not the shorts) will look very trendy once made. High waisted, pleated pants are all the rage in shops like cue and are very expensive! I’d love to see what you come up with : )


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