Ok this is slightly off topic for this blog but I was so excited about this that I wanted to share it with everyone out there in cyberspace.

Last week I was at a conference in a different city. Being the Interested In Shopping But Definitely Not a Shop-a-holic type I was (and there is no other way to describe it) but drawn, nay, pulled by an invisible magnetic field, to peruse the shops. After having a gander at the local Global Fabrics I wondered down the main drag and saw this beauty in the window of a semi-run down Op-Shop.

And before anyone gets stressed out about the fact that it’s fur – after much discussion with my colleagues at work – we came to the conclusion that it is Possum Fur. One of my colleague grew up on a dairy farm and is sure to be right with these things. Which in New Zealand means that we’re quite alright with wearing them as coats.

Here are some pictures of me in my new coat:

With the hood up it is so warm and snuggly.

Accidental sultry eyes.

I love winter and winter fashion. I can’t wait to wear this coat!


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