McCall’s 6201 – Navy & White Print

I was really pleased with how my navy dress turned out so I decided to branch out and try making view A (capped sleeves) out of a navy and white printed fabric. Ok I admit it wasn’t branching out very far…

Here’s how it looked:

I’m really glad I took my sister’s advise and made a special effort to line up the pattern down the middle of the front!

After a day when I had attempted to run in my Navy dress (and couldn’t!) I decided to edit the pattern a little and not sew the back seam the whole way down. Instead I left about 10- 15 cm at the bottom which I reinforced. I found this much better as it was for more comfortable whilst keeping the shape of the skirt.

When I finished this dress I had a thought that I’d like to make this view (A) again but this time in a wool or tweed fabric so that it could be a winter dress. With any luck it might look something like this:

Found at:

Or perhaps I could do it in forest/ khaki green. It still summer here so lots of time to think about it.

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